Ordinary Matters
Ordinary Matters
On Being Peculiar Trees (Psalm 1)

On Being Peculiar Trees (Psalm 1)

A reflection about happiness in rootedness

Exciting news! Our podcast is back as part of Ordinary Matters. In addition to our articles, Julia and I are diving into conversations and reflections about faithfulness in everyday life.

To kick things off, I’ll be regularly sharing brief reflections from the Psalms, exploring the lessons they offer on joy, happiness, and living the good life.

On a personal note: Ordinary Matters isn’t just a platform for us. We want to connect with you. Your engagement means the world to us. Whether it’s a quick note or a thoughtful comment, when we hear from you it’s a great encouragement. This space is designed for dialogue—not just monologue. Please share your thoughts on this episode. What resonated with you? What ideas did it spark?

Thanks for being part of this journey with us.

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Ordinary Matters
Ordinary Matters
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